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So I had my first day of doing my new workout from my personal trainer all by my lonesome. I swear it took all my energy just to walk home. If it wasn't for the fact I was starving and had to get in all my food for the day I would have just gone right to bed. I mainly feel it in my abs as some of the exercises really worked that area. Hurts a touch when I cough.

What I do is a half hour of cardio which was frustrating last night since my heart rate was not getting to where I needed it to be at 140. I think it was doing a hill program that was a bit varried. I think I'll stick to just manual from here on in. Then the weights & resistance routine, then another half hour of cardio. This time on the bike. While it was a bit easier to keep my heart rate up my legs felt like jello. I really did want to give up after 15 minutes but I just imagined every rotation of the pedals was another bit of an ounce off my body. Sometimes you just gotta take your motivation where you can.

I have at least 20 pounds to lose before Valentines day. Not that I have anything special for that day, it was just around the date of my reaching goal anniversary and it's an easy day to remember. It's also the day my next depo shot is due.

I am off the gym until sunday and I have some challenges as far as food is coming up. I play Dungeons and Dragons in a couple of public campaigns and I hae al all day session on saturday. I just have to remind myself to go to Subway for dinner rather than the restaurant a couple of blocks away.
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